Rose Hybrid 4G REVO Memory Foam Mattress


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This mattress comprises approximately :

200mm Reflex Base
50mm 4G REVO Memory

Giving a total of 250mm of comfort.

– Increased pressure relief

– Increased comfort

– Reduced motion transfer

– Hypo-allergenic

– Dust mite resistant
– 30x Greater airflow for a cool nights sleep.

– Anti-bacterial protection

Reflex Foam – Similar to memory foam but constructed differently. Reflex foam is made of bubbles that are displaced sideways when pressure is applied and return to their original position when pressure is relieved. This construction allows it to alter its shape to fit the body but provides a firmer support than that of memory foam. Reflex foam is used as a base to the mattress as it is one of the best support layers used in memory foam mattresses.

Gelflex – a gel foam that has similar properties to memory foam, but importantly has many advantages over regular memory foam. Whereas memory foam requires a lot of heat in order to mould to your body Gelflex requires less heat, this allows it to relieve pressure to the body while remaining cooler. As Gelflex requires less heat to mould to your body this also allows it to return to its normal shape quicker, leaving no indentations and prevents you getting stuck in one position because of memory foam mattresses slow rebound properties.

Memory Foam – A foam that has millions of tiny air holes, when pressure is applied to the foam the air escapes through these holes allowing it to mould to your body. This action requires the heat from your body make it work. As the foam moulds to your body, it helps keep your body aligned and relieves pressure on joints.

Colour and Stitching May Vary.

Available in Single (3FT), Double Bed Size (4FT6) King Size ( 5FT) or Superking (6FT)

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2FT6 Small Single, 3FT Single, 4FT Small Double, 4FT6 Double, 5FT Kingsize, 6FT Superking Size


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